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I have to do everything around here

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The Psychfiles is an informative introduction to psychological research and practice, very much pitched at a lay audience.  Host Michael Britt sets out and regularly succeeds in highlighting how psychological research can be used in everyday life, whether it's raising children, losing weight or workplace issues, there's something here for everyone.

This particular episode highlights the fascinating group effect of social loafing.  Social loafing is the term used to describe the fact that adding extra members to a team does not always produce more output from the team.  The effect is very well documented, and this podcast takes you through the main experimental evidence, the conditions under which it occurs and some of the main explanatory theories.

Fans of lean, software development and process improvement have an added bonus of a discussion about the benefits of the AGILE methodology in avoiding social loafing.  This is the podcast where software development meets social sciences.

On our larger projects, Everlearn give each delegate an ipod touch preloaded with free and creative commons materials to reinforce the key learning points before and after workshop sessions.  

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