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What is ......

With so much research published daily, and a fantastic new business psychology book on the shelf weekly, it can be hard to keep up. That's why at Everlearn we developed this series to help you understand the creative new ideas that can make your organisation even more successful. Written in dialogue form, these extremely readable introductions give you a fantastic place to begin to understand what Everlearn can do for your business.


Here at Everlearn we are big fans of experiential learning, so we developed these activities to demonstrate some of the principles we use within organisations. Most of them are variations on classic and new psychology studies. Please feel free to download and use them on your training courses, team meetings, and away days. These activities usually use the basic experiment as far as possible, but we have found they are far more effective when we us relevant business examples, so try to add some local flavour. Please make sure you mention who the original author of the study was and where you got the activity from, and drop us a line to tell us how it went.